Mary Beth Shank

About the Candidate

I am honored to be a candidate for the 39th Judicial District of Pennsylvania.  The district encompasses Franklin and Fulton counties.  I have strong local roots to my community and have been proud to build my law practice in the place I call home.  I was raised and educated (K-12) in Chambersburg and am a graduate of Grove City College and the Dickinson School of Law of Penn State University.  I have served families, individuals, pro bono clients, businesses and municipal organizations in my law practice.  I take pride in the way I serve my clients by offering common sense advice and helping folks achieve their goals.  

My Family

My husband, John, has spent his career in human services and currently works for the Franklin County Veteran’s Affairs Office as the Community Outreach Coordinator.  He enjoys home projects and rooting on the Eagles, Flyers and Phillies in his spare time.  John is a member of Corpus Christi church and currently serves on the Franklin County Industrial Development Authority.  He is a wonderful dad and I admire his devotion to family, which comes so naturally to him.  I could not ask for a better partner in life and am thankful to not only call John my husband, but my best friend.  

My stepdaughter, Katelyn, is a 2018 graduate of CASHS and is currently a freshman at Columbia University.  Katelyn is enjoying her new home in New York City and enjoys playing in the band, wind ensemble, hiking and is currently looking forward to spending spring break in Death Valley, where she will be participating in a geological excursion!  We share a love of music and it is one of the joys of my life to be her stepmom and watch in awe as her life unfolds.

My parents, Buzz and Peggy, are loved by so many and it is the greatest privilege to call them Mother and Dad.  They have taught our family about love, faith, commitment and service to community.  Dad was a beloved (that’s right, everyone loves him!) tax collector for over 20 years in Chambersburg, is an Air Force Veteran, North Carolina Tar Heels enthusiast and comes from a family with a long history of living and loving their hometown of Chambersburg.  My mother devoted most of her youth and adulthood to caring for her parents and then her own family.  She served on Chambersburg Borough Council and loves to follow politics and elections.  Our family has given her plenty to keep busy!  My mother has the gift of hospitality and taught me the importance of turning a house into a home by filling it with family, friends and good food.   Mother and dad have been active and loyal members of the Franklin County Republican party.  I appreciate their unfailing love and support.

I am the proud sister of Kevin and the late David and love them and their families very much.  Kevin has been an incredible support in my decision to run for judge and I appreciate having him as a brother and friend.  I know David is smiling from above and would be 100% behind me in this journey.  I am blessed, through both my family and my family by marriage, to have a large group of diverse and wonderful nieces and nephews to round out my wonderful family. 


We stand with Mary Beth Shank for Judge!

~ The Flohr Family


Peggy and Buzz Shank

Donna and Warren Elliott

Senator Rich Alloway

Drew Alosi

Chris Ardinger

Stephanie and Bob Byers

David Cleaver, Esq.

Paul Cullinane

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Dale Hall

Michael Kalathas

C. Stewart McCleaf

Linda Miller

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G. Bryan Salzmann, Esq.

Penny Shaul

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Kevin Tanger

Samuel W. Worley


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